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Terms for use of Services

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Privacy Policy

We do not rent, sell or share any of the personal data that we collect in association with establishing a hosting account with us.

Intellectual Property

Please play nice and respect that logos, icons and copy are the hard work of other people. If you need to “borrow” something it would be nice if you asked first and if you want some help getting a brand of your own we would be thrilled to help you with that.

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About OpenBazaar Hosting

OpenBazaar (“OB”) is a protocol for trading goods online in a decentralized and direct fashion. Sellers on the OpenBazaar network host their own products and therefore may be directly responsible for complying with local laws when listing items or services. Users engaged in illicit activity will not be protected behind this third party service. The platform uses a reputation and rating system, as well as allowing reputable third parties help manage trade. We expect these checks and balances will strongly encourage legitimate trade on the network.

Use of OpenBazaar Hosting by

Username and Passwords for the OB host

Your OB username and password are stored in plain-text on the OB server. This is a property of the OpenBazaar software in its current form. Please do not use a password for your OpenBazaar store which is used elsewhere.


OB Hosting at is not an anonymous or anonymizing service.

The IP address of your OB server instance is publicly visible and will be easily traced back to and ultimately to you. Our servers are hosted in a private third-party datacenter, they could be seized or infiltrated by state agents with or without our knowledge. Therefore, we require that you only sell or transact for goods and services which are legal in whatever jurisdiction may be applied to you as well as us.