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Web for the Freedom Enthusiast

Being pro rights and pro freedom can make your website a target. Being activists ourselves, we feel providing a secure hosting environment with bi-continental redundancy is imperative to ensuring censorship or cyber violence don't disrupt the pro-freedom work you do. In support of free markets and private exchange, we use only bitcoin for payments.


Windows and Linux Servers

Great hosting is a balance of security, privacy, adaptability, performance and cost. Bi-continental redundancy ensures we can meet those needs. We go beyond rubber stamp packages to personally help you determine the right server environment for your site, or provide the environment that you specify.


Our managed packages provide the least possible attack surface for your site, keeping unnecessary services off the servers and providing a robust network architecture with on-demand firewalling and automatic DDOS protection. Our system monitoring mitigates site issues should an attack occur


We don't collect any more information on you than is absolutely needed to service your account, and all account information is held privately by us. We will not volunteer any information on our customers to anyone without explicit consent. We also accept bitcoin which keeps billing and payment simple and private.


Web Design and Development

The web world has become smaller- 51% of web viewing is done on mobile devices. Can you engage your audience successfully on a 3 x 5 card? Whether modernizing your existing site or creating a new one, our team of seasoned web and marketing pros can help you brand and build for today and the future.

Social Media Architecture

Run your social media instead of it running you. Our set of tools helps you connect to your audience in a more sophisticated manner. Robots, Vanity url's, and other utilities help you reach more people with better engagement. Automate repetitive tasks with techniques designed to stand out without looking scripted.

Asset Management Platform

Make managing your ads and memes a breeze. Assets across all your sizes and locations can be updated in an instant from your hosted asset admin page. No more nagging publishers or lagging versions when you update, the embed code stays the same. New publishers can grab embed codes for your ads/images from your forward facing index.

Special Projects

Need a hack or custom code? Have something in mind that isn’t hosting? Maybe you need some super graphics or promotional items to extend your brand's reach at a special event? From re-coding vending machines to use bitcoin to creating the world's first coin operated voting machine, unconventional is our specialty.

Let's Talk. You won't believe some of the things we can do!


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